Saoirse Rubeen
Parents: Alicia and Brett
Big Sister: Neve age 16 yrs
Big Brothers: Finn age 8yrs and Malachy age 2 yrs
Birth Statistics: Weight: 7 lbs, 13 ozs Length: 19 ¾ inches
Time: 11:38 am
Date: April 12, 2012
Delivered by: Dr. Tony Lam, MD
Origin of the name Saoirse : Means "freedom" in Irish Gaelic.

A Day To Remember— April 12, 2012

The Weather
• Local high: 66 degrees F
• Local low: 25 degrees F

Market Prices
• Stamp: $.44
• Gallon of Gas: $3.79
• Average New Home: $135,000
• New Car: $21,750

• Ste. Genevieve: 17,542
• U.S. Population: 307,006,550
Saoirse shares her birthday with these interesting people:

•1777 Henry Clay U.S. Secretary of State d: 1852

•1916 Beverly Cleary author

•1917 Marietta [Mary Endicott] Peabody Tree U.S. delegate to Human Rights for the United Nations

Other notable events in history include:

•1204 - In the Fourth Crusade, Constantinople was captured by the Crusaders.

•1606 - King James of England ordered a "Union Flag" combining the crosses of St. George of England and St. Andrew of Scotland.

• 1776 - North Carolina became the first colony to call for independence against Great Britain. The colony's Provincial Congress approved a document later called the "Halifax Resolves." This document is considered the precursor of the US Declaration of Independence. The North Carolina delegates voted for independence in the town of Halifax.
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