Friends Foundation calls on cooks to submit favorite recipes


The Friends Foundation at Ste. Genevieve County Memorial is cooking up something special—the sequel to its Taste of Ste. Genevieve cookbook published over 10 years ago. The proceeds from the book, just as last time, will help fund several patient care initiatives.

“The Friends board recently approved a new piece of equipment for the anesthesia department to help our CRNAs see better through obstructed airways,” Ledbetter said. “We’re also working on projects for oncology and the new medical office building. We have a lot of things in motion right now so we’re really excited and hoping for another successful cookbook.”

Ledbetter said the idea for the cookbook actually came from the community.

“We’ve had several requests over the past couple of years to reignite the cookbook that we originally put out in 2008,” she said. “It’s been over ten years since our last cookbook, so we know there are new recipes circulating in the community, and we’d like to get those down on paper.”

The process for submitting a recipe is very user friendly.

“We’re going to publish the cookbook through Morris Press, who did a wonderful job last time around,” she said. The online steps are pretty easy, but of course, we’ll take any hard copy recipe as well, but don’t give up your original copy. Recipes are like family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation, so hold on to the original!”

The steps to submit online are:
• Go to and click ‘Login.’
• Enter the User Name: hledbetter
• Enter the password: season290 and click ‘Submit.’
• Enter your name and click ‘Continue.’
• Click ‘Add Recipes’ to begin adding your recipes.

Mail in recipes to the Friends Foundation c/o Holli Ledbetter, P.O. Box 468, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670, and be sure to include your contact information.

Ledbetter also said there is a special section to write about the recipe’s origin.

“I want to encourage that,” she said. “I think it will be fun for the families at home who are cooking the recipes now to know where the recipe originated. It gives them a sense of warmth when you can read those special connections.”
The deadline to submit recipes is June 14.

“Ideally we’ll have everyone’s recipes by June 14,” Ledbetter said. “That gives plenty of time for the review process. Our goal is to have it distributed in time for the holidays. Cookbooks always make for a great gift.”
Ledbetter said she anticipates a great demand for the cookbook, whose name has yet to be determined, and wants to be certain to order enough. To reserve your copies, email Holli at with the number of cookbooks you would like to purchase. Cookbooks will be available for $20.

“Projects like this help the Foundation raise funds to help the hospital maintain a high standard of quality patient care and meet the healthcare needs and expectations of our community,” she said.

To hear a complete interview with Holli on the cookbook project, click here.

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