SGCMH nurse practitioner receives Diabetes Educator Certification


Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce that Regine Politte, FNP recently received her Certified Diabetic Educator Certification.

If you have diabetes, you may have heard about certified diabetes educators, or CDEs. You may have wondered if a CDE could help you better manage your diabetes – after all, you see your doctor regularly and you check your blood sugar regularly. So what else could a CDE do to help?

Turns out, a certified diabetes educator offers a wealth of advice and resources for diabetes management beyond what most patients can do on their own.

Certified diabetes educators can help you eat healthier, be active, monitor diabetes, take medications, problem-solve, reduce risks and cope with your diabetes – and help you fit those strategies into your daily routine. Ultimately, if you follow the advice of a CDE, you learn to better manage your own health.

As Politte explains, the benefits are numerous.

“A visit to a diabetes educator is specifically diabetes focused,” she said. “We review labs, when to check blood sugars and why, and what do the numbers mean. We also make sure you’re aware of the latest technology available that helps in managing diabetes.”

Politte explained that there are four critical times to assess, provide and adjust diabetes self-management education and support.

“All newly diagnosed patients see a CDE to ensure that both nutrition and emotional health are appropriately addressed. Next an annual assessment should be done to review knowledge skills and behaviors. You should plan a visit if there is a change in health conditions such as renal disease and stroke or any medication changes. And lastly if you have major transitions in your life like living situations.”

“Diabetes self-management is a fluid process,” says Politte. “Both educators and patients are experts. Educators have the expertise in specific content and the clinical aspects of the disease. However, patients are the experts in their own life. Knowing what's going on with your body also helps you feel more in control of your health.”

Missy Sutton, MSN, RN and SGCMH Assistant CEO, is excited about Politte’s new certification.

“Regine is also certified as a Wound Care Specialist and now a Certified Diabetic Educator--excellent resources for any hospital to have and really elevates our programs,” said Sutton. “Regine, along with endocrinologist Naman A. Ghazal-Abar, MD are a great team.

A patient’s medical practitioner needs to make a referral to a CDE and Medicare and most private insurers will cover CDE services.

The SGCMH diabetes self-management program overseen by Politte combines one-on-one visits with community education programs and needs no referral. A Diabetes Lunch and Learn is scheduled for Thursday, November 12 at 11:00 a.m. in the hospital’s education conference room. To register, call 573-883-7729.

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