SGCMH renews FACHE certification


Steve Pautler, CEO at Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital (SGCMH), recently received his Fellow recertification from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the nation’s leading professional society for healthcare leaders.

“Training my managers so that they’re ready to do all the work of supporting the staff so they can do excellent care by the bedside is part of why I pursue the fellowship and maintain it over all these years.” he said. “How you make decisions is so important and your basis for doing so is how you get to the right answer. You have lots of things coming at you and you can make any number of choices but making the best choice with every opportunity is what I want to do.”

Pautler said meeting the requirements and maintaining his ACHE credentials helps to assure a commitment to ongoing professional development and learning in the healthcare landscape that is constantly changing. He outlined some of the things he sees on the horizon for SGCMH.

“I’m fortunate in Ste. Genevieve that we have so many good things to build upon,” he explained. “I’m looking at making sure some of our internal departments are ready for expansion and making sure we have accommodations for surgery, radiology, lab and pharmacy,” he said. “Those are all areas that we’re seeing continued growth.”

There are three primary areas where Pautler is looking at to target first.

“We’re looking at how we can increase what we do for inpatient care,” he said. “We’ve added specialists that can help us take care of more complex patient needs. We’re adding things on the outpatient side including taking care of patients even in the home, making sure they can stay home as long as possible. Then we’re adding more physicians and specialists in our clinics to make sure we can keep people healthy and have the resources to do that. So, there are a lot of very exciting things coming up that we’re going to be able to do.”

Pautler looked back on when he first began his healthcare career as a nurse’s aide back in 1980.

“I can’t imagine trying to do things now the way we did then,” he said. “We have better techniques, and many less invasive ways to take care of patients. I want to keep expanding that and growing our healthcare services well outside the walls of the hospital building, because there are so many more opportunities to take great care of people wherever they are and help them to live healthy lives not just treat illness.”

Pautler also said that the pandemic has compelled the healthcare industry to look at different ways of delivering healthcare.

“We’re providing a lot of healthcare more remotely,” he said. “Our physicians are seeing patients in the home via telemedicine from our clinics. We’re bringing in specialists from all over the country to treat patients for tele-neurology, infectious diseases, and overnight hospitalists to make sure that even in the middle of the night we have someone awake and ready to go who can see a patient’s chart and write orders as soon as the need arises.”

Pautler joined SGCMH as CEO seven months ago and describes his time so far as outstanding.

“I continue to be impressed with how much people at the hospital care about what they’re doing and the depth of their professionalism and commitment,” he said. “It really is such a unique environment. There’s great opportunity to do more great things for our next 50 years of taking care of people.”

Pautler has been a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives since 2002 and undergoes his certification every three years.

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