SGCMH welcomes new OB/GYN to Bloomsdale Medical Centre


Ste. Genevieve, MO - It was the wish of Dr. Maryam Baikpour’s mother for her to become a doctor. Growing up in Iran, to become a doctor was empowering for her. Dr. Baikpour fulfilled that wish and is now practicing at the Women’s Wellness Services at the Bloomsdale Medical Centre.

Dr. Baikpour went to medical school in Tehran, Iran; was a research scholar at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, NC; and most recently was a resident physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, IL.

TV gives the impression that a residency is grueling. Dr. Baikpour says it is that and then some.

“It’s bad no matter which country or which hospital, mainly because you have four years to learn everything,” she laughed. “So, it can be difficult. There are many sleepless nights, and you work in a very fast-paced environment, but at the end of the day it’s worth it.”

Dr. Baikpour’s residency is complete, but she says it’s still no time to rest.

“Now getting to know a new environment, hospital systems, and more is all very challenging.”

Early on, Dr. Baikour was working as a general practitioner, but found she enjoyed women’s health.

“I really liked to take care of women and help them work through medical issues and provide support for them,” she said. “That got me interested in obstetrics and gynecology, because that’s basically providing primary care to women in all aspects of their health. I like both obstetrics and gynecology, and I taking care of patients in the clinic as well as doing surgeries.”

When approached by a recruiter, Dr. Baikpour had one criteria.

“I wanted to work in a beautiful environment,” she said. “I learned Ste. Genevieve was part of the National Park System, and I found out about Hawn State Park, so those things really grabbed my attention, as well as the historic homes.”

Working in a rural setting was also a plus.

“It has a lot of advantages,” she said. “It’s easier to make positive changes and bring in new ideas. “You get to know your patients much better and that’s part of the reason I wanted to move away from the large city and to a rural area. You can establish life-long relationships and that’s more achievable in a smaller city.”

Practicing medicine during COVID has given Dr. Baikpour a different perspective on medicine.

“It affected every aspect of our lives from the economy to politics,” she said. “It emphasized the important role the medical community played and how important science is. When the vaccine came in it saved so many lives. I hope people have more trust in science.”  

In her free time, when she can find some, Dr. Baikpour enjoys watching movies or going for a bike ride, of which she’ll find many scenic country roads to pursue the latter.

“I’m really happy that I’m here,” she said. “Everybody is so nice, and I hope to provide excellent service patients.” 

Dr. Baikpour provides comprehensive obstetrical care in all phases of pregnancy. She has extensive expertise in women’s care including both office gynecology and gynecologic surgery.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Baikpour, call the Women’s Wellness Services at the Bloomsdale Medical Centre, 573-483-2727.

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