First Taste of Ste. Genevieve was a great success



By all accounts, the inaugural Taste of Ste. Genevieve County was a great success. The event drew nearly 40 vendors and an estimated crowd of 250+. “We talked to the vendors and all said they would be back next year, and once the word spreads, we anticipate other vendors will ask to join the event,” said Shawn Long, Director of the Friends Foundation. “Given the incredible variety of food and drink samples, no one could have possibly left hungry or thirsty.”
Proceeds from the event will be used to help provide a central monitoring system for the hospital’s OB Department.
“The central monitoring system is a computer-based system that allows you to hook up and attached multiple moms in labor and evaluate their babies, whether it is in the office setting, multiple clinic locations, as well as in labor and delivery,” explained Dr. Breckenridge. “It allows any provider to have access via a computerized system like windows to go in and take a look at that baby and mom and monitor things about them from any location. It brings the clinics together at one place at the touch of a finger.”
Breckenridge explained that the system keeps a check on vitals, but even more importantly it keeps tracks of contractions and the baby’s heart rate.
“We can look at the vitals like blood pressure and those kinds of things with our moms, but it also allows nursing staff or providers who are at the bedside to actually add in extra information about the patient,” she said. “Perhaps how far dilated they are, or anything else that might be going on, so we can all come together at one place and have access to the same information.
Breckenridge agrees that today’s technology is phenomenal and makes our lives easier.
“Our staff does a great job of communicating things, but a lot of times if there are questions we have to leave our offices to run over and take a peek because nothing replaces having those human eyes look at something,” she explained. “So it actually will allow us to be in more than once place at one time, which I think is every mother’s dream to clone themselves and be in multiple places and the central monitoring system will help us do that.”
She added that other providers can have access to the CMS, too.
“Say a mom in labor is interested in having an epidural and we need to talk to the anesthesia department, if I’m in the clinic setting they can pop up that file on the computer and see what’s going on with that patient without them having to physically come over at that moment,” she said. “So I think it will allow us to have better access to what’s going on with the patient. It never replaces walking in the room, but it sure lets us have a little window or peek of what’s coming up.”
The event had five major sponsors: Kohlfeld Distributing, Bluff City Beer Company, J98 Radio, 573 Magazine and the Ste. Genevieve Herald.
“We greatly thank our sponsors, our vendors, the Friends Foundation board, our auxiliary and employee volunteers, plus the Rotary Club of Ste. Genevieve, parents of Boy Scout Troop 150, and all auction and door prize contributors,” said Long. “It takes a lot of people to stage an event of this size, so we are very appreciative of all the help we received. We’re already planning for next year.

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