Genesis Med Spa launches SculpSure, a non-invasive way to lose stubborn fat


If you're doing your best to eat a healthy diet and stick to an exercise plan but pockets of body fat just won't budge, there's a new treatment option on the market.
The non-invasive, laser-based system called SculpSure, will be introduced at a special open house Thursday, February 4th at Genesis Med Spa located at the Bloomsdale Medical Centre.
“We’re excited to bring SculpSure to the area,” said Dr. Joseph Sharlow, MD, general surgeon and Medical Director of Genesis Med Spa. “Sculpsure offers an alternative to liposuction for patients who want to get rid of stubborn fat around the belly, hips and thighs. But, unlike liposuction, which involves suctioning fat from the body through small incisions, we need no incisions or anesthesia for the treatment, and there's no downtime. People go right back to work after the 25-minute session.”
Dr. Sharlow explained that compared to noninvasive techniques that freeze fat cells, SculpSure offers other advantages, decreasing discomfort in two key areas: First, because the cells are not frozen, there’s no exposure to extremely cold temperatures during treatment. And secondly, SculpSure doesn’t use a suction device to achieve results. Plus, SculpSure treatments can be performed in a fraction of the time of freezing techniques, so you can get back to enjoying your regular activities more quickly.
He went on to explain that SculpSure uses the focused energy of lasers to target heat directly at the fat tissue that needs to be removed, gently increasing the temperature of the fat cells beyond their level of viability. Once fat cells are destroyed or “melted away,” they can be easily removed by the body’s natural waste disposal system over a period of about eight to 12 weeks.
Dr. Sharlow, Mary Crecelius, MSN, WHNP, APNG and Patty Wehner, RN, BSN provide a variety of services at Genesis Med Spa. In addition to Sulpsure and Bellafill, a new 5-year tissue filler, services include laser-assisted Liposuction(Smartlipo); Cellulite Elimination (Cellulaze); Ultherapy/Nonsurgical Face-lift; Treatment for Severe Underarm Sweating; Sublative Rejuvenation; Skin Rejuvenation Advance; Sun Spot Treatments; Laser Hair Removal; Laser Treatment for Veins; and Botox.
The Genesis Med Spa open house on February 4 will offer hors d’oeuvres, drinks, prizes and special pricing. RSVP by February 1 by calling 573-883-9700 or e-mail at mail

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