Genesis Med Spa offers innovative laser procedure


“It’s sometimes a touchy subject to talk about, but it’s a realistic subject that affects the lives of so many women,” said Joseph Sharlow, MD, Genesis Med Spa medical director and general surgeon at Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital (SGCMH). “It’s a game changer.”
It is the MonaLisa Touch, an innovative, in-office laser procedure to resolve gynecologic health issues often experienced by women who suffer symptoms associated with menopause.
“The MonaLisa Touch is a way of turning back time,” explained Dr. Sharlow. “As women age, there is less estrogen production and this leads to a thinner vaginal wall that results in itching, discomfort, frequent UTIs, yeast infections-- things that just aren’t fair. Now I’m not a gynecologist, but I’m a surgeon and very familiar with the CO2. My gynecology colleagues at SGCMH are very much in support of this new laser that provides improvement in the vaginal wall bringing it back to a younger, healthier state.”
The MonaLisa Touch fractional laser began in Europe in 2008 and has been in the U.S. for four years. It has been FDA approved in the use of gynecologic surgery. Dr. Sharlow went on to explain that the MonaLisa Touch is backed by clinical studies, and although those studies are small, more than 50,000 woman have been treated with a greater than 90% success rate.
“Those statistics are phenomenal,” he said. “The big advantage to this is the fact that you are suddenly more comfortable, because now there is better lubrication, and a return to normal vaginal pH and glycogen production. Until recently, traditional therapies for postmenopausal gynecological conditions included estrogen hormone therapy, but many women cannot take hormones or have previously tried hormone therapy with minimal to little success.”
Just how does the MonaLisa Touch work?
According to Dr. Sharlow, the MonaLisa Touch stimulates the production of collagen by delivering short, laser pulses to the vaginal tissue. The procedure is conducted in-office without anesthesia and is administered by female health professionals. The MonaLisa Touch requires three five-minute treatments about six weeks apart, with one follow up visit every 18 months. Patients treated with the MonaLisa Touch laser showed statistically significant improvement in the vaginal tissue even after their first treatment and reported minimal to no side effects or adverse reactions, and virtually no pain.
Dr. Sharlow said there has been one unexpected benefit from this procedure.
“Although not yet FDA approved, it has been shown that there is marked improvement in stress urinary incontinence. Of course any moderate or severe incontinence should be handled by a urological or urogynecological professional.”
Mary Crecelius, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner will be one of the health professionals providing the MonaLisa Touch procedure.
"We are so excited to be one of the first facilities in the Midwest to offer a new and innovative therapy for common problems like vaginal dryness," she said.
Dr. Sharlow will be a guest speaker at the SGCMH Women’s Health Fair on Saturday, February 25. Those attending his session will receive a MonaLisa Touch discount certificate.
For more information on the MonaLisa Touch, contact Genesis Med Spa at 573-483-9700.

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