Hospital offers “ideal” weight loss program among its options


(Stella Naeger, pictured left, is a Transformations participant and has lost 190 pounds on the Ideal Protein Diet)
Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital (SGCMH) began its Transformations program just over two years ago and already participants have collectively lost over 3000 pounds.
Among the program’s weight loss options is the Ideal Protein Diet, which has recently been rated the number one diet for 2015 by Diets in Review.
Kim Browne, MSN, ANP-BC, one of Transformation’s developers, said Ideal Protein made the cut for a number of reasons.
“I think they stand out because of their resources,” she said. “There’s a lot of research behind their products. Their website has a lot of interactive material, the plan’s protocols are very sound, and people see success—plus the food tastes pretty good, too.”
Browne said Ideal Protein was high on her list from the beginning.
“When we first started doing research to put together a structured weight loss program, Ideal Protein was at the forefront right away,” she said. “Several of our nurse practitioners had used it with success and when we started visiting various weight loss clinics in the surrounding area, none of the other programs quite measured up.”
Browne explained that Ideal Protein is ultimately a low carb program.
“The goal of the Ideal Protein diet is to stabilize blood sugar and promote weight loss by providing your body with an optimal amount of protein,” she said. “It’s a 4-phase program where you end up on whole foods and a structured maintenance program. It offers everything that someone would need.”
Laura Selby, a dietician at SGCMH who also works with Transformations clients, said it’s nothing for people to have a 30-60 pound weight loss within six months or less.
“Personally I see the most success with Ideal Protein because that’s what it’s really targeting—a large weight loss,” Selby said. “Ideal protein is targeting weight loss and ketosis. When you do that you have to eliminate some food groups, so it’s very successful.”
While Transformations has had great success with Ideal Protein, their other option, the Mayo Clinic plan, has had many success stories, too.
“Participants in the Mayo clinic plan really change their eating and lifestyle behaviors in a more wholesome way with whole foods and not necessarily eliminating food groups,” explained Selby. Mayo looks at the full gambit of all your food groups and nutritional components like vitamins, minerals, etc. The weight loss is more gradual.”
Both Browne and Selby agree that there are a lot of unhealthy weight loss programs out there.
“There are a lot of fad diets that many people have tried and have not had success, and some are even harmful,” Browne explained. “We provide medical oversight at Transformations by having a dietician and nurse practitioner make sure people are safe on the Ideal Protein or Mayo Clinic programs. We check labs and vital signs, and we keep a close eye on any medications the client is on. We’ve even been able to get people off medicines as they lose weight. That’s been amazing to see.”
Transformations is located at the SGCMH Specialty Clinic at 990 Park Drive. Clinic hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Phone 573-883-4445 to discuss the Ideal Protein or Mayo Clinic weight loss programs.

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