Public invited to lunch and learn on epilepsy


More than two million Americans -- and over 65 million people worldwide -- live with epilepsy. The Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary (SGCMH) is hosting a lunch and learn on April 30 to raise awareness of epilepsy. Epilepsy awareness is a state project of the Missouri Association of Hospital Auxiliaries (MAHA).
“My daughter has Epilepsy, a disease that I feel is not understood very well,” said Naomi Glassey, SGCMH Auxiliary president and MAHA president. “Most people are familiar with the grand mal seizures, but there are actually many more kinds of seizures that a person can have. My daughter has three different kinds of seizures and each one can disable her in one way or another. I encourage anyone who has friends or relatives with epilepsy as well as teachers, police officers, ambulance drivers, fireman, etc. to come to our program to become more familiar with the different types of epilepsy.”
People with epilepsy have seizures -- unexpected electrical ʻstormsʼ in the brain, explained Glassey.
“Seizures impact their lives in many ways including creating barriers to employment and education and facing a sense of discrimination and isolation from their peers who donʼt understand what happens when they see a seizure occur,” she said. “Our goal is to help everyone understand what a seizure looks like, and what to do if they see someone having a seizure. The more everyone talks about epilepsy, the less people living with the condition have to worry about receiving improper first aid, or keep their epilepsy hidden in the shadows.”
The program’s presenter will be Darla Templeton, from the St. Louis Epilepsy Foundation. She’ll present information on how to recognize common symptoms of seizures, first aid for seizures and more.
“The uncertainty of when and where the next seizure may occur has a dramatic impact on the lives of all people living with epilepsy and on their loved ones,” said Glassey. “I urge everyone touched by epilepsy to come to our lunch and learn and increase their awareness of epilepsy.
The program will be held in the education conference room from 11:00 am to 1:00 p.m. at SGCMH. In order to prepare for lunch, those interested are asked to RSVP by April 27 at 573-883-7728.

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