SGCMH employs one of only a handful of Certified Urologic NPs


Did you know there are only 162 Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioners in the United States and only 7 in the state of Missouri? Guess what? Our own Kim Browne, MSN, ANP-BC, CUNP at Ste. Genevieve Urology Services is one of them!
Kim received her certified urologic nurse practitioner designation in 2014, and like any other board certification, there was a lot of studying and a very tough test administered through the Society of Urologic Nurses (SUNA). The certification is a way for nurse practitioners to validate their specialty practice in the field of urology.
When Kim came to SGCMH 5 years ago, she was leaning toward primary care, but at the time the only nurse practitioner position open was at Dr. Enger’s office.
“It was nothing I grew up wanting to do, but the opportunity was there, so I took it,” she said. “Dr. Enger has been a good physician to work with and learn from. I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”
There aren’t any further urologic certifications for Kim to pursue, but she does anticipate doing more in-office procedures and one day plans to start working towards her Doctorate of Nursing Practice.
“My place as a urologic nurse practitioner is more medical management of urologic issues,” Kim explained. “Dr. Enger relies on me for the medical management and I schedule patients for procedures. We work together in two different environments, namely the OR and the office, but we’re the same team. He trusts that when I set someone up for surgery with him it’s necessary. We have a really good collaboration.”
Kim said sometimes physicians refer their patients to Dr. Enger, and they’re surprised when she handles the initial visit.
“He’s very busy in the operating room, and relies on me to see new patients and get the ball rolling for him,” she said. “He wants our clinic here to be utilized for new patients, and be an entry into seeing him.”
Kim also wears another hat as part of the Transformations team.
“I had done clinicals with some of the nurse practitioners here and they knew that I liked exercising, eating healthy and was interested in wellness. So as a group we started researching various weight management options. Within 6 months or so, we started to get a program rolling to help clients lose weight, learn to better manage their diet to improve their disease processes and outcomes and even get off some medications.”
Kim said the program has drawn participants from Perry County, St. Francois County, Jefferson County, Iron County and counties in Illinois.
“After four years now, we’re still the only clinic like this in the area,” she said. “There is not a medical based weight management program like this. We’re pretty unique.”
Kim said Transformations has been both challenging and rewarding.
“It’s evolved into its own practice,” she said. “It’s pretty exciting. Having patients get on our body composition scale has been a real eye opener for many participants. When they get on this scale, it lets them see that there are things they might want to work on.”
Kim can be reached at Ste. Genevieve Urology Services at 574-883-4450 or at Transformations at 573-883-4445.

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