SGCMH Home Health offers wireless cellular-based Lifeline service


With the rising cost of a home phone line, more and more people are abandoning it in favor of a cell phone line. To move with the times, Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital’s (SGCMH) Home Health Services is now offering its Lifeline medical alert service that does not require a home phone connection to work. The system uses wireless cellular-based console units to connect users with monitoring specialists.
“A cellular-based home medical alert system works just like a regular land telephone line based medical alert system with one major difference,” explained Wanda Roth, Director of SGCMH Home Health. With regular telephone line based systems, the console unit or base unit will dial out and connect with the central monitoring station through the use of a regular phone line. With cellular based systems, the connection is done through a wireless cell phone connection.”
The cell phone connection is built into the unit. The cost of accessing and using this connection is included with the monthly cost of the system. Therefore, no extra phone line subscription is required to run the system. Users can think of their home or cell phone service as totally separate and unconnected to their medical alert system. You only need to make sure that the base unit is connected to a power source to run it. Landline Lifeline units are still available.
“Since 1985, our Lifeline has helped people preserve their independence by giving them the confidence to continue living in their own homes,” said Roth. “We do this by ensuring that they know whenever emergency assistance is needed, it’s just a button push away. To call for help, subscribers simply press the Lifeline personal help button they wear as a pendant or bracelet, to activate a small, in-home communicator that automatically dials the Lifeline Response Center. Within seconds, the call will be answered by a caring, highly trained representative. The subscriber’s list of responders (family, neighbor, or friend) are immediately notified and if they are unable to be reached, emergency services are sent directly.”
Anyone can subscribe to the Lifeline service and no physician order is required. In order to promote the new wireless Lifeline units, Roth said Home Health is waiving the installation fee for the service. She said this could be as much as $50 for the standard lifeline or $80 for the auto alert feature, which detects when there is a sudden change in position and activates the system automatically. The promotion will run through May 1, 2016.
Roth said SGCMH Home Health offers a variety of services including skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social worker and home health aide services, which do require a physician’s order, but not necessarily a hospital stay.
“It is important to note that even if a patient has an out-of-town hospital stay or even an out-of-town physician, we are more than happy to serve you with your healthcare needs anywhere in Ste. Genevieve County,” Roth explained. “We also work with a lot of different insurances and we will make the necessary checks and let you know your coverage up front prior to starting any service.”
For more information about the new wireless Lifeline units or information about other SGCMH Lifeline units, contact Wanda Roth at 573-883-7724.

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