SGCMH implements new telemetry equipment


(SGCMH staff receives training on the new telemetry system)

The process of upgrading medical devices in inpatient settings presents new opportunities for integrating numerous data points into hospital Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology.

Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital’s Med Surg and Emergency Department are implementing a new telemetry/heart monitoring system from Nihon Kohden, a much more sophisticated system according to Hirshell Parker, Med Surg Director.

“All of the patient tele packs are equipped with pulse oximetry (oxygen) monitoring as compared to only a few of the units currently in use,” he said. “Additionally, this new system will allow us to be able pull heart monitoring strips and vital signs directly into the medical record in the future. We’ll most likely purchase the link to sync up with Meditech next year.”

This telemetry system can monitor patients by wireless connection and a small transmitter and leads connected to the patient. Advantages include low cost, greater comfort and freedom for the patient to move around.

Pictured below, SGCMH staff receives training on the new telemetry system.


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