SGCMH Med Surg receives 100% on HCAHPS rating


In the 21st century, patients’ perception of care is at the forefront of the healthcare conversation.
In the past, healthcare organizations only had to focus on providing care and the outcome of that care. However, the adoption of patient perception surveys, such as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) in the U.S. have added an additional layer of accountability for healthcare administrators and clinicians alike.
This past August, the latest survey month available, Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital’s Med Surg unit received a 100% HCAHPS rating, something of which the hospital and Hirshell Parker, RN, BSN and Director of Med Surg are very proud.
“HCAHPS is a big deal among the hospital community,” said Parker. “Essentially HCAHPS allows consumers to compare one hospital to another hospital. For our hospital to have achieved 100% satisfaction, 100% percent of the patients who had a hospital stay on Med Surg and were randomly surveyed gave us a 9 or 10 out of a possible 10 on a patient satisfaction survey. Satisfaction is something we hold very dear to our hearts here at SGCMH. We know that patients can go to whatever hospital they want, so being able to say that we have a 100% satisfaction from our patients who thought they’re stay was exceptional is strong praise not only for our staff, but our hospital as well.”
Parker explained that he’s got a tough crowd to please. He sees patients when they’re not feeling well; may not want to be bothered, etc.
“A 100% score on any given month, is very hard,” he said. We’re very excited to have reached this milestone.”
The HCAHPS survey questions are reported in the following areas:
o Communication With Doctors
o Communication With Nurses
o Responsiveness of Hospital Staff
o Pain Management
o Communication About Medicines
o Care Transition
o Cleanliness of Hospital Environment
o Quietness of Hospital Environment
o Discharge Information
o Overall Hospital Rating
o Likelihood to Recommend
Parker explained that for many patients, it’s extremely difficult to navigate through the healthcare system, so patients may actually receive two survey calls.
“They may get a random HCAHPS survey, which is then reported by a third party to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS),” he explained. “And often times, they’ll receive a call from myself or one of the other house supervisors not only to ask how their stay was and how we can make improvements, but also to take the opportunity to make sure they understand their medications and follow up care instructions.”
Parker said the patient satisfaction bar is now set.
“It is hard, but now we have to keep it going month after month,” he said. “We have an amazing staff and I’m confident that they will do their best.”
For more information on HCAHPS and quality initiatives at SGCMH, call Missy Sutton, Director of Quality at 573-883-4430.

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