SGCMH patient portal app makes it easy to connect


In today’s healthcare, patients want access to health information at their fingertips, wherever they are — and now Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital (SGCMH) is right there with them. Coming on the heels of the hospital being recognized as one of the most wired hospitals in the nation, patients can now access their patient portal through their smartphones or mobile devices more easily.
Judy Schmieder, RN and Director of Clinical Informatics at SGCMH, says this has been repeatedly requested by patients—so now’s there’s an app for that.
“Previously patients had to either save the patient portal link as a bookmark on their phone (if they knew how) or on their computer as a favorite,” she said. “The MEDITECH MHealth App from the Apple Store or Google Play is a free download and is the mobile gateway to our patient portal. MHealth provides patients with secure, convenient access to their health information via their mobile device or tablet.”
Schmieder explained that just as with their desktop computers, patients can use the app to review upcoming appointments, request new appointments, check lab results, pull up an x-ray report, review medications, really almost anything that you had completed at SGCMH. The mobile app may make the messaging one of the more used applications.
“This is an option that our patients sometimes forget about,” she said. “For instance, if you leave your doctor’s office and remember a question you meant to ask, message him or her on the spot. The app will make that very easy. That way you won’t forget about it. Mobile or traditional messaging really helps to improve communication between patients and healthcare professionals. With the app, your health really does go wherever you go.”
For more information about the patient portal app and step-by-step instructions, log onto It’s listed under patients and visitors information.

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