SGCMH salutes its social workers


Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital (SGCMH) proudly celebrated Socal Work Month recently and the accomplishments and service of its social workers Vickie Bruckerhoff (right) and Brandie Filer.
The theme this year is, “Forging Solutions out of Challenges.” Social workers contribute at all levels of society, working with individuals, families, schools, universities, non-profit agencies, corporations, hospitals, and government offices to mediate conflict, foster positive relationships and create hope and opportunity for people in need.
At SGCMH, Brandie Filer, MSW, LCSW handles inpatient and outpatient social services and provides a variety of duties including, but certainly not limited to, helping patients and their families understand a particular illness, provide psychosocial support to people, families, or vulnerable populations so they can cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. She can advise family caregivers, counsel patients, and help plan for patients’ needs after discharge from the hospital.
Brandie also sees patients in our Women’s Health Department and Centering during pregnancy and postpartum to provide expectant and new mother’s support whether they are struggling with postpartum depression, a pregnancy loss, or other health issues specific to women. She provides education, emotional support, and counseling.
Vickie Bruckerhoff, LCSW, BCD, handles outpatient counseling for patients as young as five years old.
“It’s fascinating work,” said Bruckerhoff. “I see the physician referral cases as soon as possible, so if there is a crisis going on, we can get some kind of intervention in place quickly. I counsel patients with various mental health issues--depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, family conflict or family issues of any kind.”
Bruckerhoff also utilizes pet therapy in her practice, bringing Rebel, a miniature pincher, with her to work most days.
“Rebel sets the tone for my patients, young or old, to be more comfortable and trusting in the therapeutic session,” Bruckerhoff said. “It’s not always easy to talk about your problems, especially to a stranger. Rebel has a calming effect on patients and he lets them pet him and he always has one paw touching them. He offers cute antics and helps everyone recognize you don’t have to be perfect to be accepted and loved. Sometimes children will talk to Rebel and tell him what they’re feeling before they talk to me. I can integrate a lot of different concepts to children using Rebel. He’s my assistant.”
No referral is needed for Bruckerhoff’s counseling. Appointments can be made by calling Pointe Basse Family Health Care at 573-883-2782. Brandie Filer can be reached at 573-883-4465.

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