SGCMH Welcomes psychiatrist to its medical staff


Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital welcomes psychiatrist Dr. Srinivas Chilakamarri to its behavioral health services. He will provide clinical consultations at Pointe Basse Family Health Care and compliment the counseling services of Vickie Bruckerhoff, BSW, MSW, LCSW, BCD.

Dr. Chilakamarri is a practicing psychiatrist at St. Anthony Medical Center in St. Louis and C Group Psychiatric Services PC, also in St. Louis.

With a kind demeanor and soothing voice, Dr. Chilakamarri said that psychiatry services have been in short supply across the country.

“There are a lot of giving hearts by doctors who have taken time and gone beyond their local area to give to rural communities,” he said. “I want to go where there is a need, and not just stay in the office. I find it very satisfying. I’ve had many Ste. Genevieve patients see me in St. Louis, so I’m happy that I have the chance to come here.”

In his almost 30 years as a practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Chilakamarri said he’s seen and heard it all, but his aim is always to have a patient function at their very best.

“We have a global assessment function scale from 1 to 100,” he said. “Of course we all want to be a 100. When I have a patient come in and say they’re not at their best, I say ‘OK, give me a number and let’s see if we can get to 90 or 95.’”

Dr. Chilakamarri believes there is a harmony between mind and body.

“When everything is together we heal faster,” he said. “Both mind and body heal together. A lot of people have medical issues, and there are a lot of medicines now crossing the border between medicine and psychiatry, but it’s always my aim to get people to reach that 90 or 95.”

Dr. Chilakamarri attended Guntur Medical College in Guntur, India and was a resident physician at St. Louis University.

“Psychiatry has always been something that has challenged me in my mind,” he said. “I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with emotions, and I’ve believed in mind and body science from day one. I thought practicing psychiatry was a way to make a difference.”

Outside of work, Dr. Chilakamarri loves family time with his wife and two daughters, holidays, playing tennis and cards with his friends.

Appointments with Dr. Chilakamarri can be made by calling Pointe Basse Family Health Care at 573-883-2782.

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