Amber Menjoulet

The birth of a baby is something a mother never forgets, even if her newborn doesn’t survive more than a few minutes. Amber Menjoulet and her husband had been trying for four years to have a child. They were expecting a son in 2017. Sadly they were told that their baby suffered from a neurological condition and would not survive more than a few minutes after birth.
“We chose to carry on even though we knew the outcome,” Amber said. “Ste. Gen Hospital took the best care of us. They went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable and treated us better than I could ever have imagined. They gave us our space. It was an amazing experience.”
In December 2018, a ray of sunshine named Amelia came into their lives.
“Because of how great everyone was, I chose to stay with Ste. Gen Hospital,” Amber said. “They treated me even better than before. The care was above and beyond what I ever expected from a hospital and OB department. I live in Farmington, but I chose Ste. Gen hospital because I heard such wonderful things about it.”
Another reason Amber chose SGCMH was because of her nurse practitioner.
“Mary Crecelius is straight up amazing,” she said. She led me to Dr. Whitaker, who is also amazing. Dr. Whitaker suffered as much as we did with our first child. She was a high spirit in a time when I really needed it. And Annette, one of the nurses, was by my side for a lot of my pain and brought a lot of comfort to a bad situation.”
A great supporter of SGCMH, Amber attended the 2018 edition of the Taste of Ste. Genevieve to benefit the OB department and it was it was just five days after that event that she found out she was pregnant with her little Amelia.
“I recommend this hospital to everyone,” Amber said. “They go above and beyond. We plan to have one more, and if we do, I will absolutely come to this hospital.”
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