January 20, 2020: Anna Mattingly, RN, BSN, SGCMH Transitional Care Coordinator, guest on KSGM Radio

December 16, 2019: Wanda Roth, Director of Home Health, guest on KSGM Radio

October 2019 Patient Testimonials:
        Donna Earhart  
        Pat Smith 

October 19, 2019: Dr. Josie Vitale, Allergy Clinic at Bloomsdale Medical Centre, guest on KSGM Radio

September 25, 2019: Judy Schmieder, Medication Refills through Patient Portal, guest on KSGM Radio

September 14, 2019: Ride to Survive Opening Remarks

June 24, 2019: Katie Roth talks about SGCMH Chronic Care Management, guest on KSGM Radio

June 24, 2019:  Katie Hogenmiller talks about SGCMH Swingbed, guest on KSGM Radio

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