Giving Tree Ornaments

Thank you for filling our Giving Tree. Ornaments purchased throughout the Christmas season in honor or in memory of are as follows:

Connie Bader
Anna Lou Bahr
Dale Bahr
Helen Basler
Kay Basler
Leo Basler
Carl Beyatte
James Buatte
Ruth Buatte
Phillip Bowker
Charles J. Flieg
Norma Francis
Olen Gegg
Verna Gegg
Chester Hager
Nancy Hager
Claire Elizabeth Harlow
Cole Heberlie
Elaine Hollabaugh
Dorothy Jerald
Roland Keim
Ruth Keim
Frank Kuehn
Norma LaRose
Norman LaRose
Richard Meyer
Willa Meyer
Jo Murphy
Andy Operle
Dorothy Operle
Adam Pfaff
Edmund Pfaff
Margaret Phillips
Ralph P. Pike
Ann Roemer
Glennon Rottler
Miriam Steiger
Delmar Schwent
Edward Schwent
Mary Schwent
Todd Stoll
Eileen Trautman
Glennon Trautman
James Vaeth - USAF
Dolores L. Valle
Robert Walker
Corrine Walker
Donald Webb
Evelyn Webb
Ray Weiler
Hazel Weiler
August Wehner Jr.
Katherine Wehner
Rosemary Winch

For those who lost a loved one in 2018, a dove was hung in their memory. They are listed below.

Nancy Fluegge
Emanuel Naeger
Lana Thomas

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