Your Home Health Care Team

Wanda Roth, RN
Sheila Kinkeade, RN
Jana Bahr, RN

Katie Roth, RN
Teresa Friesz, ADN, RN

Darla Bahr,Office Staff


Under the direction of your physician, the following highly trained medical professionals, will work together providing you quality care, delivered in a personable manner and dedicated to getting you well. When we’re in your home, you are the center of our attention. There are no distractions. While we're with you, it’s all about you.  Team members will schedule appropriate times to visit you.

Learn more about the members of your home health team:

Nurse The core of your home health team

Physical Therapist
Helping you regain strength and flexibility

Occupational Therapist
Helping you maintain independence in your daily life

Speech Therapist
Specializing in swallowing, cognition and communication disorders

Home Health Aides
Helping you keep a safe and comfortable home environment

Medical Social Worker
Support and counseling to help manage your condition

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