Social Worker

Counseling. Support groups. Financial assistance. Medical transportation. Your home social worker is there to provide you with helpful information and to help you navigate through all the bureaucracy that unfortunately seems to go hand-in-hand with health care problems.

If you're missing a lot of work or school, your social worker can work with you to find solutions to get back on track. If you’re having trouble coping with your illness - with the "new normal" - your social worker will make sure you understand that your reaction is common - that you're not alone – and he or she can get you the help you need.
One of the most important services a home social worker provides is educating and giving emotional support to caregivers who often find their new roles stressful and overwhelming. SGCMH social workers are trained to listen to caregivers. They encourage caregivers to take care of themselves and to avoid isolation by talking to people in similar situations in a support group or by seeking support from family and friends. They can tell them about training and classes that are available to help them learn new skills and to find out more about the disease they’re dealing with.

Knowledge and compassion. That’s what the home social worker brings to the table.
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