SGCMH Maternity Care - After Delivery

Skin-to-Skin Contact and Bonding

We encourage mother-baby bonding throughout your stay at the hospital. After delivery, it’s time to bond with the newest addition to your family. Your baby will be placed directly on your chest to jump-start the bonding process. This skin-to-skin contact will also help keep baby warm and secure. You also may choose to start breastfeeding at this time. Our registered nurses will counsel and help mothers understand the fundamentals of breastfeeding as well as supporting their efforts to learn how to feed their babies.

Early Assessment & Apgar Scoring

Early assessments and Apgar scoring can be done while you are bonding with your baby. Routine procedures, such as weight and measurements, can be delayed to give you additional bonding time. Weighing, assessing and bathing your baby can take place in your room to avoid separating you and your baby.

Delightful Extras

  • Moms can receive assistance and educational support on breastfeeding.

  • We offer 24-hour rooming in, so that you and your partner or a family member can stay together while bonding with your baby.

  • We use the mother-baby philosophy when it comes to caring for you and your baby. This means the same nurse who takes care of you also takes care of your newborn. Because we know it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference. Our mother-baby nurses pay attention to the needs of each new mom, taking the time to listen and offer their unconditional support.

  • A soft lullaby plays over our PA system to announce the new arrivals. In front of the hospital a message board announces the arrival of your special bundle of joy.

  • Mom and her partner are welcome to participate in a celebration dinner or brunch for 2. A special dining experience right in the comforts of mom’s suite, just like room service!

  • Free wireless internet services at the hospital allows patients and visitors constant contact with friends and family, and shortly after the birth, the baby’s photo—complete with the day’s historical facts—is posted on our hospital’s website. And, our electronic message board announces your special delivery to the community – all your neighbors and friends! 


Your baby will have a security band for monitoring while on the unit. Our corridor is electronically monitored 24 hours a day, and only authorized personnel or family and friends of your choice will be allowed access.

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