EFM Unit

During labor, a healthy baby responds to contractions by temporarily changing heart rate. This is normal and healthy - it means your baby's body is working properly and responding to contractions just as your body would respond to exercise. Today specialized ultrasound machines called electronic fetal monitors are able to print a continuous record of your baby's heart rate and your contraction pattern.

 The electronic fetal monitor (EFM) is an ultrasound device that records the baby's heart beat and the relative strength of a contraction on a strip of paper. This allows the staff to see how the baby has been responding to contractions over a long period of time without having to hold a listening device onto mom’s abdomen, or even be in the room.

 Also, SGCMH Women's Health and Childbirth Center uses PeriCALM™, a centralized fetal heart monitoring system. This progressive technology allows obstetricians and midwives—whether they’re in the hospital, in clinic, or at home—to keep a close eye on the heart function of babies in the womb.  

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