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Midwifery Care

At SGCMH Women’s Health and Wellness Services, it is important to give our expectant moms options such as Midwifery Care. We believe collaborative care between midwives and physicians can yield great outcomes for pregnant women and their babies. Our midwifery service provides midwife-managed prenatal care, postpartum care and women’s wellness services for women of our communities.

Our hospital OB department, with 24/7 coverage offers high quality, low-intervention care, including birth experiences for women and their families in a safe and welcoming environment - our Women's Health and Childbirth Center.  Many women choose to partner with a midwife during their pregnancy because they know that: 
  • Midwives are watchful guardians of normal birth and practice judicious use of medical interventions only when necessary.
  • National research indicates that women who choose a nurse-midwife have lower rates of induction of labor, cesarean section, and perineal trauma, and higher rates of breastfeeding.
  • Our certified nurse-midwife can prescribe medications and order diagnostic procedures when appropriate and medically indicated.
  • The SGCMH midwife has access to obstetricians for collaboration and consultation when needed and work very close with provider and patient to establish a plan of care best suited to each patient's individual needs and preferences.
To schedule an appointment with Kelly Donze, MSN, CNM, WHNP, certified nurse midwife call 573-883-5715.

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