SGCMH Wound Care Services

Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital offers an on-site Wound Care Program to treat
chronic wounds that:

  • are older than 30 days

  • show signs of infection, including redness, swelling, and pain 

  • cannot easily be cleaned

  • were caused by considerable force or trauma 

  • will not stop bleeding, even with constant pressure and elevation

The program treats a variety of wounds including those that are the result of trauma, surgery, or complex soft tissue, diabetic, pressure, venous stasis, and arterial ulcers, and infected or necrotizing wounds.

Our staff has specialized wound care training to treat patients in an outpatient setting with a customized treatment plan that includes an extensive evaluation process and weekly treatments.

During the initial assessment, patients undergo a physical review, medical history review, and wound assessment. The medical staff identify factors, such as nutrition deficiencies and results from routine lab work results and a psychosocial assessment, that could delay wound healing.

After evaluation, a treatment plan that combines the latest innovations, tools, therapies, and medications starts immediately. 

The program also uses other coordinated services, including home health services, durable medical equipment, specialty consults and progress reports.

If you or someone you know needs wound care, schedule an appointment by calling 573-883-4464.

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