Helping People Breathe Easy

Our Respiratory Therapy department provides inpatient and outpatient diagnosis and treatment for patients with breathing disorders or cardiovascular conditions.  For more information about respiratory services call 573-883-7778.

Diagnostics include:


Arterial blood gases (ABG) are a blood test drawn by a respiratory therapist that identifies patients in chronic or acute respiratory compromise.

An electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) is a noninvasive procedure that can identify the rate, rhythm and the location of injury to the heart. It is performed by placing electrodes on the arms, legs and across the chest.

Overnight Oximetry
Overnight oximetry test measures the patient’s oxygen level at home with a small machine. This test helps to identify patients who may have sleep apnea or need home oxygen.

Pulmonary Function Test 
A full pulmonary function with diffusion test can determine Obstructive vs. Restrictive lung disease and its severity.
The procedure can identify lung damage early in patients on certain cardiac, cancer and arthritis medications.

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