Mission Statement

Mission Statement & Core Values

We put people first by providing excellent, personalized, and compassionate healthcare.

Vision Statement

To be the leader of health and wellness in the communities we serve by being the provider of choice and employer of choice.

Core Values

As Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital continues to grow and change, the values that have guided decision making at this hospital since 1969 will continue to guide our priorities and direct our plans:   

We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times, and our conduct will reflect our values of mutual respect, honesty, and loyalty. We will be accountable in the performance of our duties and project a positive attitude. Our appearance (word, action, and dress) will demonstrate professionalism.

We believe that promoting fiscal responsibility through continuous quality improvements will build a firm financial foundation that will sustain our mission. We promote health and wellness through community partnership. 

We will strive to provide the very best up-to-date healthcare by implementing significant positive changes by using best practices. We foster an environment in which creativity and new ideas are valued. 

We promote a work environment where knowledge, skills, and experiences are shared to provide safe, quality patient care while exceeding customers’ expectations. As team members, we will live the Behavior Standards: Attitude, Appearance, Communication, Privacy, Accountability, and Excellence. 

We commit to acting in a legal, moral and ethical manner by demonstrating integrity in our actions.  Our professional and civil ethics guide our approach to patient care, business practices, human resources practices, and services offered to the community.

We show our value by believing that quality care rests upon the commitment and competence of our staff. We invest in the personal growth of our employees through continual training to improve their skills and expertise.


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