Before Surgery

Once you and your surgeon have determined the need for surgery, arrangements can be made. Discuss any concerns with your physician who can help you understand the risks and benefits involved with your procedure.

Your physician's office will work with the hospital to:

  • schedule a date and time for your procedure 

  • complete your hospital registration and pre-op 

  • advise you of any pre-surgery screenings or tests (lab, X-ray, EKG) 

A member of our surgery team will call you for a pre-surgery interview 2-5 days before your procedure.

During this interview, we will:

  • review your health history 

  • review any labs or test results

  • review your medications

  • give you detailed instructions for the day of surgery

  • arrange for a meeting with anesthetist if needed 

  • answer any questions you may have 

 Don't feel bashful about asking questions or expressing concerns during this or any other subsequent calls. Your questions or concerns are important to us.

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