The admission folder given to you upon admission will provide you with important information concerning your hospital stay and discharge. 

You should make sure you have clothes and shoes to wear on day of discharge. If the clothing you wore upon admission is not adequate, please make arrangements to get some from home. If you need assistance with clothing and/or toiletries to help you prepare for discharge be sure to ask your nurse.

Our discharge planning team works together with you and your family to determine the most appropriate discharge plan and start the process.  If you need any services at discharge, the discharge planning team will meet with you to talk about these arrangements.

Once the hospitalist says that you are medically cleared for discharge our care team will comprise a discharge plan specific to your needs.  The nursing staff may arrange follow-up appointments and services, provide education about your diagnosis/disease process and medications. Services can include medical equipment, physical, occupational therapy or home health if needed.   

Following some hospital stays, additional care and treatment will be needed. In these instances, the discharge team will help assist you to find an acceptable nursing home, subacute or rehabilitation center that best meets your needs.

The planning team will determine your post-hospital needs and make all necessary arrangements for follow-up care services to help you after discharge including skilled nursing, home health or nursing home care. The team will also assist you with transportation, meals, medical equipment, and any other services needed.

If you are medically cleared for discharge, but not quite ready for home you may qualify for our Swingbed unit.

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