SGCMH Breast Care

When you visit for Breast Care Services, you'll find dedicated professionals offering a level of comfort not usually associated with the most advanced breast imaging technologies. That’s because we understand the nervousness associated with breast screenings and assessments and we are here to help you through every step of your journey.

You will be treated by some of the most experienced physician, nurses and technologists -- specially-trained in breast health. They are committed to providing all the necessary tools to maintain good breast health and to stop breast cancer before it has a chance to affect our patients' lives. Our services, Breast Care Plus and Metis Breast Care Center are dedicated to giving women more to fight against breast cancer.

Our digital imaging suites are equipped with the most advanced imaging technology available. Our goal is to provide digital screening mammograms with virtually no wait times.

Every mammogram is reviewed by our Board Certified Radiologist, dedicated to mammography.

Because of the personal care and convenience we provide, our patients return year after year and tell others about our services.

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