SGCMH Breast Care PLUS

Early detection is the key to finding breast cancer. Monthly self exams and mammograms beginning at age 40 are the best tools for early detection. Sometimes a woman may need to do more than a mammogram by determining their personal risk. Finding out your personal risk for breast cancer can assist you and your doctor in deciding if additional screening is right for you.

Our program, Breast Care PLUS evaluates each woman's individual risk profile based on a thorough review of personal and family history risk factors. Each assessment is reviewed by a team of professionals who make recommendations tailored to your personal needs. Your healthcare team will then help you put together a plan for your care. Preventative medicines, education and counseling is included in your treatment plan.

Being informed about your personal breast cancer risk gives you information that could save your life. This program is offered to you free of charge and is part of our mission of personalized care, and commitment to early detection.

We believe every woman should have the advantage when it comes to breast health and that makes it a plus:

• Advanced technology in breast imaging ensures high quality images.
• Specialized radiologists, with advanced trained in breast imaging, to ensure high quality service.
• A specialized breast surgeon with extensive knowledge of breast health
• Digital technology producing images that can be enhanced to focus on specific areas.
• Work as a team with your physician to communicate your results in a timely manner.
• Exclusive access to our Breast Care Plus breast cancer risk assessment and genetic testing program.

Call us today at 573-883-5715 to schedule an appointment or for additional breast care services contact Metis Breast Care at 573-483-2525.

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