Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

In lieu of information circulating about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to proactively implement measures to keep our employees and patients safe. A team consisting of the Medical Staff, Leadership, and Infection Prevention has determined a concise response to COVID-19. As best practices have changed to address this virus, we will remain in close communication with the county health department and communicate as new information surfaces. A fact sheet about the COVID-19 is available and is being shared throughout the hospital, clinics and our website.


Covid-19 Diagnostic Test Prices

We are continuing to spread the word to ensure that patients get the care they need.  
Patients should be encouraged not to delay necessary care.  As we continue to say, clinics and the hospital are screening patients, masks are being worn to protect everyone.  We are prepared to make special arrangements if needed for lab, imaging and other services.  We have more protective measures in place than any other business or activity.  

We will continue to restrict all visitors and follow all policies we have put in place with COVID. We must continue to be vigilant and ensure we are keeping a safe environment for our staff and patients.

We continue to stress for patients to call their physician office or one of the clinics before coming in if they are experiencing respiratory symptoms or think they are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms.  We have respiratory clinics at 2 locations: Bloomsdale and Pointe Basse where providers are ready to see you or a loved one.  They will be screened and where appropriate, they will be tested.

As a reminder for COVID-19 we will follow the CDC criteria for testing.  Now, the screening questions are:

  1. Temperature greater than 100.4.

  2. Exposure/ Direct Contact to Coronavirus. 

  3. Respiratory Symptoms-Cough AND Shortness of Breath    

The following actions continue to remain in place: 
Hospital access is through the Lobby and Emergency entrance only.

The Adult Fitness program is suspended until further notice.

Bloomsdale Pharmacy is drive-through only, the counter is temporarily closed.

All the waiting areas of the hospital and the Hospital cafeteria, Entree Ami are practicing social distancing.  The cafeteria salad bar is closed temporarily. Prepared salads and salad bar items will be available to go.

In an effort to make contact with all patients and individuals, we will staff a hospital employee at the front Information Desk from the hours of 6am-6pm, Monday - Friday.

• Our staff will ask specific questions of all individuals and patients upon entry.

• The front doors to the hospital will be locked at 6pm. All patients and visitors will be asked to access the hospital via the Emergency Department entrance from 6pm to 6am.

• Beginning now, the front Main Entrance of the Hospital will be closed temporarily on weekends and will be locked from 6pm on Friday to Monday morning at 6am.  The ED entrance will be the only entrance into the hospital.

• Visitation to patient care areas have been changed.  Please click here to see our SGCMH Visitation Guidelines

• The hospital is offering alternative ways to contact loved ones including ecard, Google Duo and FaceTime.  Please contact the med/surg nurse's station if you have questions.

• For SGCMH clinics, please no visitors unless the patient needs assistance with the appointment.  If you are not being seen please stay at home or in the car. 


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

World Health Organization

Ste. Genevieve Health Department

Community Resource Guide

Individuals calling into the hospital or physician clinics

  • The state has set up a COVID-19 hotline. Instruct patients who are calling for information to call the hotline at 1-877-435-8411.

  • If the individual wishes to be seen by a provider they may been seen in the Emergency Department (573-883-4438), Bloomsdale Walk-In Clinic (573-483-2929), or Ste. Genevieve Walk-In Clinic (573-883-4408). Instruct the patient to call the clinic prior to arrival.

Visitor Noncompliance

As this is a public health concern, any visitor/patient refusing to wear a mask and/or follow our established protocol shall be asked to leave the hospital, or law enforcement will be contacted.

Experiencing Symptoms

Call your primary care provider if you experience fever, cough or shortness of breath in 2-14 days after exposure to coronavirus. If your symptoms are severe call 911.

What's the difference between COVID-19, allergies, cold or flu?

How can you protect yourself?

* Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

* Keep hand sanitizer or wipes with you.

* If at all possible, avoid close contact with people who are sick.

* When sick, keep your distance from others to keep germs from spreading.

* Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.

* Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth to prevent infection. 

For additional up-to-date information on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) visit these sites: 

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The CDC recommends the use of Cloth Face Coverings visit:

Cloth Face Coverings: Questions and Answers visit:

For instructions on how to make cloth masks from a t-shirt or bandana visit:

The CDC offers several suggestions, which you may find beneficial:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fact Sheet

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