Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital respects a person's right to participate in planning his/her health care, either directly through written instructions, or by appointment of another person to make decisions when the patient is unable to communicate his/her wishes.

 An "Advance Directive" is any one of several health care instructions such as a Living Will, Health Care Treatment Directive or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. Your advance directive becomes effective only if you are unable to participate in making decisions for yourself. It is important that you discuss your preferences with your family, physician, clergy, attorney and friends so that others will be aware of your wishes.

 Should you decide against completing a written Advance Directive, it is still a good idea to verbally select a spokesperson to speak for you should you be unable to communicate your wishes. Be sure to let your doctor and hospital staff know whom you have selected. If you are interested in obtaining an advance directive you may contact our social services department at 573-883-4465.

Click here to view and print out a durable power of attorney

Click here to view and print out a Living Will statement

Helpful Links: American Hospital Association - Put it in Writing

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