Stella - lost 138 pounds


Ron - Lost 50 pounds


Jennifer - Lost 100+ pounds


 “I was miserable. I wanted the simple things back in life, like the ability to bend down and tie my shoe laces. Most importantly, I wanted time.
Time that I knew I was not going to have with my family and kids because I was killing myself. With the help of Transformations, I have lost the weight
so fast that my mind has not quite caught up with my body image. I could not be happier with how I look, but more importantly I have improved the
quality of life not only for myself but for my family.” --Jennifer

Annette - Lost 40+ pounds

“It’s been a long journey, but it has exceeded my expectations. I’ve had tremendous support from the staff I was truly a couch
potato--now I’m walking several miles and exercising and looking forward to the rest of my life.” --Annette Hermann


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