SGCMH Cardiac Care Services: Adult Fitness Program

What is the Adult Exercise & Fitness Program?

It is a hospital-based, outpatient service for adults who desire to engage in a supervised exercise program and who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and adult fitness. Heart failure patients, those with Peripheral Vascular (PVD)/Arterial Disease (PAD), coronary artery disease and diabetes can benefit from participation in this program.


• Increase exercise tolerance and fitness level
• Improve cardiovascular function and enhance the quality of life
• Learn about cardiovascular disease and health promotion
• Control anxiety and depression
• Deal with emotions you could experience due to changes in your health status.
• Develop lifetime exercise habits

What Services Are Available?

Participant progressive, supervised exercise, which includes treadmills, stationary bicycles, arm crank, free weights, ellipticals and Nu-Step machines.

Education, including dietary consultation, stress management, risk factor and lifestyle modification, smoking cessation, information on medication and other health-related topics are available.  Staff can assist in creating an exercise program based on your health needs and personal desires.

When Can I Exercise?

Exercise sessions are scheduled during daytime hours Monday through Friday.

How Do I Start?

To get started, you must have a physical examination by your physician and a subsequent referral. A small fee is required for the Adult Fitness Program. For more information call 573-883-7743.

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