Heart Score

Is Your Heart the Picture of Health?

Now there’s an amazingly simple way to assess the health of your heart. It’s a new, noninvasive test called the CT Heart Score, which can identify heart disease in its early stages.

A Simple Test

Using our 64-Slice CT Scanner, we are able to take rapid cross sectional images of your heart. Those images can show calcium build-up in your arteries, a potential sign of coronary artery disease. This “picture” of your heart health will help you and your physician to determine whether any lifestyle changes are needed to reduce or avoid the risks of heart disease.

Comfortable and Painless

When you come for your CT Heart Score, there are no needles, dyes, incisions, or liquids to swallow. You simply put on a gown and have three EKG sensors placed on your chest. As you lie on the bed of the CT scanner, the machine and our qualified registered CT technologists do all the rest. It’s just that simple. The scan takes only minutes- a quick way to begin a healthier future. Your images will be reviewed on a computer by our board-certified radiologists. A detailed report of your scan and score, indicating your risk of heart problems, will be sent to your physician along with appropriate management recommendations.

To schedule your Heart Score, contact Diagnostic Imaging at 573-883-7720.

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