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At Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital, we care about our patients. We realize that circumstances may arise where a patient doesn't have medical insurance, or there is a balance due after the insurance company pays. There are alternative Financial Resources you may qualify for.    Our Pledge To You

The hospital offers a number of ways to assist you in your time of need. Services include:

• A private meeting with the patient to discuss financial assistance options
• Contacting the Business Office between 8 am. and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, at 573-883-7718 to discuss your account and financial options
• Establishing a satisfactory payment plan
• Application for our Financial Assistance program to determine qualification.
• Financial Assistance is available if you are a Missouri resident.
• Financial Assistance is available up to 100% if you are insured.
• Determining eligibility for a prompt pay discount
• Application of a personal loan through Bloomsdale Bank to pay off your account balance, secured by Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital
• Assistance in applying for Medicaid

We will need to receive the following items when you complete your Financial Assistance Application:

• Personal Information
• Family size
• Income
• Current Savings or Checking Balance Vehicles/Equipment owned
• Real Estate owned
• Current Loans you are making payments on
• Monthly Other information as needed on case to case basis
• Expenses
• Copy of Current Income Tax or Letter of Non-Filing
• May require proof of Missouri residency
• Page 4 must be complete or application is null and void

Click here for a financial assistance form.

We realize that some information is Case Sensitive. You can be assured that all information requested and received is treated as Confidential and will not be conveyed to anyone not directly involved with assisting the patient with his or her financial needs. Respect to privacy is our priority during the application process.

Any questions please contact Patient Accounts at 573-883-7718

Thank you for trusting your medical care at Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital! We appreciate your cooperation with your financial matters. 

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