Financial and Retirement

SGCMH partners with you to plan for your future and protect against risk. Make sure you and your family have a secure future by investing in the financial programs available.

Salary Program

SGCMH administers a competitive and market reviewed salary program with annual increases, given satisfactory employee performance.

Incentive Opportunities

SGCMH shares opportunities for quarterly and annual incentives, given satisfactory financial and patient satisfaction performance.

Retirement Plan

SGCMH retirement plan will match 50 cents on the dollar up to a maximum contribution of 3% of the employee’s monthly wages. This is free money to you and is based on a 5 year vesting schedule.

Investment Opportunities

As a SGCMH employee, you can contribute to a pretax 403(b), or post-tax Roth accounts. You have an opportunity to individualize your investment by contributing in several mutual fund options.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts allow you to use pretax dollars for reimbursement of eligible health care and dependent care costs.


SGCMH provides free employee life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, along with other voluntary insurances for you and your family.

Employee Funded Plan

TEAM MATES is a monetary fund overseen by employees for employees who are having financial difficulties. Any staff member who knows an employee that needs help can submit their name or if the employee his/herself needs help they can submit confidentially.

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