CT (CAT Scan - Computed Axial Tomography)

CT is specialized imaging equipment that can produce computer generated cross-sectional images of all sections of the body. Our 128 slice CT scanner features advanced technology for faster scanning times with high quality imaging while using low dose radiation techniques. With our 128 slice CT scanner our medical staff is able to more effectively detect and treat a wide range of life threatening illnesses including heart disease, cancer, stroke and lung disease.


  • Head, neck, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, soft tissue, bone/joint, upper and lower extremities.

  • Kidney Stone Protocol, CTA procedures, Biopsy procedures, Low Dose Lung Cancer Screenings and Calcium Heart Scores.


The 128 slice CT uses thin overlapping slices increasing the quality and detail to all CT images while always using the low dose techniques to reduce radiation exposure.


Philips Medical Incisive CT Pro 128

To schedule your appointment for a CT Scan, contact Community Wide Scheduling at 573-883-4488.

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