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The use and abuse of alcohol and/or other chemicals can disrupt a person's life in many ways. Loss of job, breakup of marriages and families, loss of self—esteem, and even loss of life can result from the continued abuse of substances without proper treatment. However, with stabilization, and an ongoing desire to remain free of the burden of substance use, many individuals can resume and maintain healthy lifestyles.

New VisionTM is a medical detox and withdrawal management service for people with substance use related issues.

New VisionTM accepts appropriate patients who are experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from opiates, alcohol, xanax, meth, and crystal meth.

Most insurance plans accepted.
For more information please call: 573-883-1165 or 1-800-939-2273. 

Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital
800 Ste. Genevieve Drive
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

Inpatient Stabilization

The service begins with a medically supervised hospital stay for the inpatient treatment phase, which typically lasts 3 days. Upon admission, initial assessments of the patient’s fundamental needs are accomplished. These assessments include a medical history, physical, a complete laboratory workup, and a nursing assessment.

Discharge planning will occur prior to leaving the hospital; the patient will be referred to appropriate community based treatment programs. The goal of these support groups is to blend education for all patients regarding chemical dependency with practical methodologies to prevent relapse.

Medical Treatment Team

The Service has qualified hospital personnel, which include the following:

- Medical Director/Attending Physician
- Nursing Staff

By utilizing their training and experience, the staff will ensure that each person receives the attention necessary for safe medical detox and withdrawal management in the hospital.

New VisionTM

NEW VISIONTM has treated thousands of patients nationally one at a time. After the inpatient phase, each patient is referred to an appropriate outpatient service or rehab for further treatment as deemed necessary.

Let today be the first day of your commitment to a New VisionTM for your future.

The past is yesterday and cannot be changed. Help is only a phone call away. New VisionTM, hope for your future.

Take responsibility for your actions and decisions today, so you can shape tomorrow your way.

Substance Abuse and Dependency don't have to be your way of life. Imagine yourself to be a new, different person, and then make it so.

For additional information visit the New Vision website.

SpecialCare Hospital Management Corporation operates this service for Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital and has a financial interest in this service. The diagnosis of need for inpatient admission can only be made by a licensed physician.

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