SGCMH Welcomes new Family Nurse Practitioner


Ste. Genevieve, MO. Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Medical Staff welcomes family nurse practitioner Preston Holifield to its ranks. He’s practicing at the Pointe Basse Family Health Care and also fills in at the Plaza Walk-In Clinic.

Holifield practiced nursing for three years before pursuing his nurse practitioner’s degree.

“I just have a big heart for my patients,” he said. “I loved working as a nurse, but I was at a point where I was ready to do a little bit more. So, I decided to dust off the textbooks and found myself applying for school.”

 Holifield considers himself a little indecisive, but not when it comes to medicine.

“Medicine is something I’ve always known I wanted to do,” he said. “I had a family doctor who was just phenomenal, and I looked up to him and just knew that’s what I wanted to do. This is my dream job.”

He said he zeroed in on family practice due to the variety of patients.

“I really wanted to help as wide array of patients as I could,” he said. “I love seeing the kiddos and I love seeing adults. It gives me an opportunity to stretch my knowledge. I never know what type of patient I am going to see.”

Holifield grew up in and currently lives in Jackson, MO. He was familiar with Ste. Genevieve, but it wasn’t until he interviewed for the position that he fell in love with the hospital.

“The team was phenomenal, and I love the work environment,” he said. “From the very start, I knew this is the job I wanted. SGCMH is also in the unique position of being an independent hospital. It’s nothing short of impressive that it’s able to maintain its independence and still be an excellent healthcare provider. That’s something again that I was very impressed with. It just adds that extra personal experience.”

Holifield is accepting new patients, and his mantra is the tried and true, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

“Get your checkups and your screenings, and always keep your health goals in mind,” he said. “I’m here to help my patients be the healthiest version of themselves.”

Appointments with Family Practice Nurse Practitioner Preston Holifield can be made by calling the Pointe Basse Family Health Care at 573-883-2782.

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