SGCMH Welcomes new Physician Clinic Manager at Pointe Basse Family Health Care


Ste. Genevieve, MO. Whether they’re working in small, local operations or large-scale medical facilities, clinical managers help clinics run efficiently and seamlessly.

Sarah Kerr is new to her role at Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital’s Pointe Basse Family Health Care clinic, but she is a seasoned clinical manager. For the past six years, she held this position at an office in St. Louis.

“Rural health is a different environment for me,” Kerr said. “It has separate guidelines, and here I have primary and specialty providers, so it’ll be interesting to learn both sides in tandem.”

She may be new to SGCMH, but she says the daily operations of a clinic, making sure everyone has the tools they need to provide the best care and making sure the clinic runs smoothly, is pretty universal. Kerr approaches the job of clinical manager with perhaps a different perspective.

“I have a degree in laboratory sciences and was a lab technologist for 15 years,” she said. “Then I stepped into management and administration. I received my healthcare administration degree and have my sights on getting a master’s. I think my background has led to some very interesting experiences and has given me a different perspective about how to look at and figure out issues.”

If there’s one thing Kerr has learned, it’s that you have to always look ahead.

“You can’t always concentrate on what’s in front of you,” she said. “You have to look ahead and anticipate what might be coming so you’re prepared.” she said. “You want providers to grow in the capacity they want and be able to run the clinics the way they want to. You also want to make sure patients are satisfied when they come in and have a good experience. There are lot of pieces to juggle but I am ready to make it happen.”

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Kerr says she finally got her southern accent, but says once in a while the “Yankee” will come out. She currently lives in Farmington with her husband and two children.

“When I was working in St. Louis, I had a commute of two hours a day and wanted to work closer to home,” she said. “When this opportunity came up, I thought it would be a good time to stretch my wings.”

Pointe Basse Family Health Care offers a variety of health care services for the entire family including primary and specialty care. For more information call 573-883-2782.

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