Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital

Behavior Standards

 As a Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital employee, I am here to serve our customers (patients, visitors, co-workers). I am committed to providing the highest quality of caring service and to meeting our customers’ needs in a courteous and respectful manner. This commitment is reflected in my behavior.



I have a positive attitude and show enthusiasm at work.

I greet all customers with a smile. I express a positive attitude and avoid negative comments.

I smile and laugh frequently with a sense of humor, when appropriate.

I apologize for problems and inconveniences.

I provide personable and compassionate care to all I come in contact with.


I take pride in my appearance, my workspace, our hospital and our physician clinics:

I wear my ID Badge at chest level and I follow the dress code policy.

I understand that my appearance communicates to each customer that “I respect you and myself.”

I decrease clutter by returning equipment and supplies to their proper place.

I pick up trash when I encounter it, inside and outside the facility.


I communicate effectively:

I use AIDET and TeamSTEPPS tools and standards. I speak in a calm, clear voice; and confirm that others understand my message. I make eye contact; use positive body language; use a pleasant tone of voice; and say please and thank you.

I listen carefully and avoid unnecessary interruptions. I address customers by name when possible.

I promptly answer and respond to all written, verbal, and electronic requests/concerns. I avoid using all capital letters in my emails.

I avoid discussing staffing issues with customers.

I answer the phone in a professional manner with a smile on my face. I introduce myself and my department using the hospital name when necessary. I ask callers for permission to hold; then wait for their response before placing them on hold. I give a handoff to the next department when transferring calls.


I respect privacy and confidentiality:

I discuss private matters in a private place. I do not access employee or patient records, unless necessary for my job.

I knock before entering and close doors for privacy. I explain what I’m doing to protect privacy.

I confidentially maintain electronic and written information by turning over papers on my desk and protecting my computer screen when others are around. I also avoid reading other’s computer screens and information while in their work space.

I treat all co-worker’s personal information as confidential.


I am Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital. I take pride in what I do:

I recognize my work is a reflection of who I am as a person and as a health care professional.

I accept responsibility for my job and for the outcomes of my efforts.

I am a team player. I am flexible with my schedule and workload as needed.

I use resources (ie: time, supplies, equipment) wisely to keep costs down.

I am accountable for meeting our standards of behaviors. I am encouraged to “politely and respectfully” hold others accountable for meeting our standards of behavior.

I support a culture that makes people feel appreciated, included and valued.

I stay informed by reading hospital and departmental communications (ie: Grapevine, Memos, etc) each shift.

I follow appropriate reporting and chain of command policies when addressing concerns or comments.

I arrive to meetings on time, come prepared (if applicable), and avoid distractions.


I pursue excellent performance:

I keep my customers safe and comfortable by being patient and creating a healing environment.

I provide a productive work environment. I limit personal business (ie: cell phone calls, text messages, internet use, etc) to breaks and lunch, unless it is an emergency.

I seek out learning opportunities to enhance my skills and ability to serve. I share my knowledge with others.

I follow all policies and procedures.

I recognize that change is necessary and I comply with new processes.

I ask for help if something is beyond my knowledge, ability, or scope of authority.

I prioritize my work to exceed customer’s needs.

“A person doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” John C. Maxwell

“Trying is good; but succeeding is required.”

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