Judy Pike

After Judy Pike’s hospital stay to have her colon removed, she was ready to go home, but she still needed some help.
The hospital in St. Louis where she had her surgery tried to set her up with a home health nurse out of Farmington or Chester.
“I asked them why?” she recalled. “I know Ste. Gen Hospital has home health, why can’t I use them?”
Why not indeed. Luckily, Judy was aware of this and requested that Ste. Genevieve Home Health follow her care.
“I had to wear a pouch for not quite three months, and I had a few complications with it, but Wanda from Home Health was fantastic. Between her and my husband, we got things straightened out. Wanda said she actually learned from my case. She’s so caring.”
As is the case often times in Ste. Genevieve, the conversation gets around to who are you related to; who are your parents; and the like.
“Who wants a stranger to come into their house?” Judy asked. “I’d rather have local people that I know and trust. That means a lot to me.”
Home Health wasn’t the only SGCMH service that Judy has utilized.
“X-ray, lab--my husband and I have had it all at the local hospital,” Judy said. “Everyone was fantastic. When I had a surgery here, you would have thought I was the only patient in the building. They gave me so much attention. But when it comes to Home Health, I praise Wanda all the time. She’s a gem."
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