Thomas O'Brien

When you’re a teenager who plays sports, even a relatively small injury can throw you for a loop. Thomas O’Brien was playing JV football and broke his thumb at the beginning of the game. He said it was probably adrenaline that kept him going and it wasn’t until the next day, that the pain really set in and a trip to the ER was in order.

At the time, I was thinking when I would be able to play or even if I could play. It was kind of scary. The folks in ortho gave me a green cast for my thumb and said I could. I played several games with the cast. Maybe it was intimidating to the other teams! But I’m glad Dr. VanNess and Holly fixed me.

None the worse for wear…Thomas has had no lingering problems and is happily playing on the football and baseball fields, as well as the basketball court. Thumbs up, Thomas!
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