Valerie Bales

Valerie Bales gave birth to her son Jagger in January. It was her third time delivering at SGCMH and much to the envy of most moms, all deliveries went very smoothly.
Her first SGCMH experience was in 2004 and it went so well, there was no question she would be here the second time around in 2008 and again in January 2019.
“Everyone in OB made you feel at home,” Valerie said. “I knew most of the nurses and they all knew my name. It was more like being around family and friends. I have a lot of trust in the doctors and nurses. They were very supportive of your wants and needs, and I really appreciate that. I was kind of picky about some things and they didn’t mind that at all. You have a lot of people telling you what to do these days, so it was nice.
They call that a mother-to-be’s prerogative.
“Honestly, you ring the bell and someone comes,” she said. “I can’t imagine having a baby in a huge hospital. I like the small feel and knowing that you’re being well taken care of. There was no question of going anywhere else.”
There was one other item that Valerie and her husband John will remember.
“The special mom and dad dinner was really cool,” she said. We both enjoyed that a lot.”
And where else but a smaller hospital can you share your experience with your sister-in-law who just gave birth the day before—in the room next door?
“We didn’t have the chance to play cards or anything like that—we were a little preoccupied, but we did visit each other’s room a few times.” explained Valerie. “Family members really liked it, though, and the hospital was great accommodating so many family members and visitors. It was fun. Everyone in OB is just awesome. They make you feel like you’re their daughter or sister. I hated leaving.”
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