Survivorship: Life after breast cancer treatment

So now you have completed your course of treatment for breast cancer and the disease is in remission. What is next?

The idea of survivorship centers around three principles:

Prevention – of disease recurrence or progression
Palliation – of any chronic disease or other health issues
Promotion – of healthy body, mind, and spirit practices

You will be scheduled for your annual mammogram and clinical breast exam at regular intervals, along with any other necessary lab or imaging studies.

You will be counseled on risk reduction strategies to best minimize the chance of disease recurrence. You may see a physical therapist to assist with range of motion exercises or education about prevention of lymphedema.

You will be encouraged to maintain healthy dietary habits including avoidance of processed foods or meats and dairy products containing hormones or other additives. You can consider healthy physical exercise including yoga, pilates, and aerobic and weight bearing routines.

AWARENESS – is a key aspect of survivorship. It can greatly benefit you and those around you. We strive to assist you in fostering healthy habits and choices which maintain a balanced and disease free lifespan.

To learn more about survivorship visit We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your own personal plan at each office visit.



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