SGCMH Maternity Care - What to Pack

Hospital Bag Checklist

• Digital camera and extra batteries

• Cell phone, extra credit, and phone charger

• List of people/numbers to call after birth

• Snacks (muesli bars, barley sugars, lollipops, crackers, chocolate for afterward)

• Drinks (sports drinks, bottled water, juice)

• Contact lens supplies/glasses

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Button-up pajamas or other front-opening pajamas for breastfeeding

• Hairbrush/comb

• Shampoo and conditioner

• Body wash and mesh sponge

• Deodorant

• Face moisturizer and body lotion

• Clothing to wear home

• Any medications you are currently taking

• A copy of your birth plan

Nice to have:

• Pillow from home

• Lip balm

• Hair ties or hair clips

• Headband to hold back fringe

• Pen and paper/small notebook

• Book, magazines, or puzzle book

• Slippers and socks

• Makeup

• Cash

Little extras:

• Laptop and DVDs

• Sleeping mask and earplugs

• Soft facial tissues

• Massage oil

• Swimsuit top or a sports bra

For baby:

• Car seat

• Light blankets or muslin wraps x 2

• Booties

• Going-home outfit

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